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SP Automotive GmbH


Reputation - one of the most important advantages of our company

We provide our customers guaranteed high quality products at minimal prices and in the shortest time possible.

We offer a huge range of raw materials that can satisfy any customer needs, provide goods of own production for all kinds of industries, starting with aerospace...

Ensuring the safety and regularity of flights, aviation security and required quality of works and services depend on weather conditions. In order to ensure a high level of safety...


From many manufacturers we choose only those who produce goods of the highest quality.


Stable business partnerships with the companies all around the world give us the opportunity to offer our products at very competitive prices.


We are concerned about ecological problems, so we are striving to strengthen our cooperation with the companies which regard environmental protection as an indispensable component of the production process.


Reliability of our partners as well as well-established logistics helps us to guarantee our commitments and provide our customers security and confidence.

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