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SP Automotive GmbH


About us

SP Automotive GmbH is a partner of leading companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries. This allows us to provide our customers with products of the highest quality at minimal prices and in the shortest possible time.
Our goal is to meet high world standards in cooperation with trade partners, investors, employees as well as society and the environment. We are always striving to achieve our goals through professionalism and the introduction of new technologies.
SP Automotive GmbH, in cooperation with business partners, consumers, financial and corporate institutions, adheres strictly to the principles of business ethics and sees its own reputation as one of the most important assets of the company. We maintain constructive, partnership-based relationships with suppliers, buyers, administrative institutions as well as with all interested corporate groups.
The most important guarantors of successful development and the flourishing of the company are the people. For this reason, SP Automotive GmbH strives to develop a corporate environment in which every employee can use his professional potential with maximum benefit both for himself and for the company . We guarantee our employees good working conditions as well as appropriate material remuneration. The most important investments are the introduction of modern production technologies as well as our own scientific work.

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