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PRO-MELTER series of deicing reagents for airport pavements


Ensuring the safety and regularity of flights, aviation security and required quality of works and services depend on weather conditions. In order to ensure a high level of safety and regularity of flights all the structural units of aviation organizations are being prepared in the autumn-winter period.

The main task of preparing of the aviation organizations for the autumn-winter period is to conduct high-level organizational measures aimed at ensuring the quality of aviation training, aircraft, airport complex facilities, air traffic, buildings, structures and flight support services in a difficult autumn-winter period.

Together with PRO-MELTER you can achieve the performance of all the requirements assigned to this task in the area of supplying the airport with the reagents for de-icing of the airport runways, taxiways and aprons.


Quality control is established at all stages of the production process, starting with the quality control of used raw materials and ending with the determination of conformity of manufactured product to the specifications and parameters not only during its trial, but also during the exploitation.

The central control service carries out quality control of raw materials, technological process, organization of monitoring tests, acceptance rules which are applicable by the factory service and sometimes selectively tests the quality of the product, which has already passed technical inspection. One of the main functions of the central control service is the planning and coordination of all the work in the field of quality assurance, the establishment of the necessary links between quality assurance agencies in the production departments of the company. The central control service carries out the centralization of management in improving of the product quality.


Nowadays with the development of environmental legislation more than ever before the aviation industry must strictly control the impact on the environment. Having a quality deicing reagent, airports and military bases, concerned about the quality of water draining from the airport, will benefit from the use of PRO-MELTER. These safe products do not cause any negative implications when in contact with aqueous systems.

With increasing concerns about the chemicals reaching local aqueous systems, PRO-MELTER can be regarded as an indispensable tool in the management of environmental issues associated with storm water run-offs. Products of PRO-MELTER series have been developed to be safe for the environment.

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