> Liquid de-icing reagent on Formate basis

PRO-MELTER RS mark F (formate basis)

Liquid de-icing reagent PRO-MELTER RS mark F – is an effective deicing reagent for runways and aprons. It meets all the strict environmental requirements as well as the requirements for corrosion resistance. PRO-MELTER RS-F can be effectively used on airfield pavements at temperatures up to -34 ° C. In some cases, it is possible to use it at the lower temperatures increasing the application rate.

 Having a weather forecast of a possible ice formation or during the beginning of ice formation process PRO-MELTER RS-F is applied on the surface cleaned from snow and ice. Ice formation preventing mode involves regular repetition of the reagent application, corrected by the weather conditions and the state of the band.


Information about corrosive action

Specially developed corrosion inhibitors guarantee the safety of materials used in the aircraft industry and airport constructing industry. Tests are carried out in accordance with SAE AMS 1435.


Information about the environmental impact

PRO-MELTER RS F is fully biodegradable within 14 days

Biodegradation - 97%

Biochemical oxygen demand in 5 days - 0.008 kg / kg

Chemical oxygen demand - 0.112 kg / kg.