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> Granulated de-icer reagent on Formate basis

PRO-MELTER (formate basis)

Granulated deicing reagent PRO-MELTER is designed to prevent and remove ice loadings and packed snow on airfields pavement. The product has excellent defrosting properties when used both independently and in combination with liquid reagents PRO-MELTER is produced on sodium formate basis with addition of corrosion inhibitors. It does not contain chlorine components and surfactants. It is an environmentally friendly reagent, toxicologically safe for the flora and fauna.

PRO-MELTER melts ice, lowering the freezing point of water and is effective at temperatures up to -15 °C.

De-icing effect PRO-MELTER determined by its two main properties:

-melting capacity - the ability of the reagent to generate heat interacting with ice / snow and to carry out the penetration of ice / snow layer. Melting capacity depends on the temperature: the lower the air temperature is, the less heat is spent for ice / snow penetration (because the heat is partly compensated by the lowered temperature);

-deicing protective effect (low temperature properties), - the ability to prevent the formation of ice, as well as to form aqueous solutions with a low freezing point not lower than -15 °C while interacting with ice / snow.

By precipitation or decreasing air temperature it is necessary to monitor the state of airfield pavement to prevent it from freezing.

Reagent action time is determined by the application rate and the actual weather conditions.

Information about the corrosive action

Specially developed corrosion inhibitors guarantee the safety of materials used in the aircraft and airport constructing industry. Tests are carried out in accordance with SAE AMS 1431.


Information about the environmental impact

PRO-MELTER is fully biodegradable within 10 days

Biodegradation - 99,5%

Biochemical oxygen demand in 5 days - 0.01 kg / kg

Chemical oxygen demand - 0.25 kg / kg.

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