Castor oil

Synonyms: Oleum Ricini s. Castoris, Oleum Ricini virginale, Kastoröl

CAS Nr.: 8001-79-4

Qualification: Imp.

Appearance: viscid or oily transparent or slightly yellowish liquid

Storage: Store in a dry, dark place


Chemical industry

Castor oil is used in the production of alkyd and epoxy resins, alizarin oil, enantaldehyde, sebazine and undecenoic acid, and also as a polyol in the reaction to the polyuretane recovery.


Castor oil is used as lubricating oil.


Raw material for binders in air-drying paints and dispersion paints; Lubricant for high performance engines.

Medicine and cosmetics:

Refined castor oil is used as a curative for internal and external application; It is excipient for pharmaceutical formulations, for eye drops; Laxative; Castor oil is used in the treatment of skin supplements, scars, age spots and hemorrhoids; Castor oil is used for the production of creams, eyelash mascaras, hair brilliantines, hair care products and bath oils.

Food industry

Castor oil is registered as a food additive E1503.