Maleic anhydride

Molecular formula: C4H2O3

International name: Maleic anhydride

Synonims: cis-Succinic anhydride, cis- Ethylene-1,2- Dicarbonic acid anhydride, 2,5-Furandione

CAS Nr.: 108-31-6

Qualification: Import

Appearance: white crystals

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.


The maleic anhydride is used:

- for the production of unsaturated polyester resins, plastic fibers and films, for the removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds from aromatic hydrocarbons;

- for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals;

- for the manufacture of detergents;

- for the production of plasticizers, additives and stabilizers for fuels;

- in the food industry as a basic substance for the production of fumaric and malic acids;

- for the manufacture of some agricultural chemicals, e.g. Plant growth regulators (malein hydrazine), etc.